Monday, June 11, 2012

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2012 west cost tour.

Hi! We're coming out to the west coast. Come on out and rage west coastians. 6/21 Las Vegas,NV @ The Bunkhouse W/ RETOX 6/22 Los Angeles, CA @ SalvadoreƱo Bar 6/23 San Jose, CA @ Johnny Z’s Bar W/ Buried at Birth 6/24Oakland,CA @ Eli’s Mile High W/ Caulfield, Gravehill, D.I.S. 6/25 San Francisco, CA @ Sub-Mission W/ Caulfield 6/26 Sacramento,CA @ Oak Park Boiz House W/ Caulfield, Plague Widow 6/27 Portland,OR @ Laughing Horse Books W/ Elitist, Burials, Black hole of Calcutta, The Drip 6/28 Seattle, WA @ The Comet W/ Transient, The Drip, 6/29 Richland, WA @ Ray’s golden Lion W/ The Drip 6/30 Yakima, WA @ Bill’s place W/ The Drip 6/1 Boise,ID @ The Shredder W/ Coffin dust, Blood Freak

Friday, February 17, 2012

7 years of Disillusion tour March 2012

We are going on tour. We are very excited. Come and get fucking crazy.



13th-El Paso, TX @ La Casa Sam W/ Communion of Thieves
14th-San Antonio, TX@ 1011 W/ Colonia
15th-Austin, TX@ 1808 annex
16th-Arlington, TX @ THE RANCH bar & grill
17th-Dallas, TX @ Queen City Hall W/ Kill the Client, Baring Teeth, Akkolyte, Tyranosorceress

(5 days of working man’s sadness)

23rd-Omaha,NE @ West Wing
24th-Dekalb, IL @ 7th St. Space W/ SICK/TIRED
25th-Jackson, MI @ Bird Alley W/ Sender Receiver, Bruxism, Scum, Isenblast, Discerned
26th-NYC@ Lit Lounge w/SEA OF BONES, The Year is One, Radiation Black Body, Head Snatcher
27th-Queens, NY@ 90-10 Merrick blvd W/ SEA OF BONES
28th-Boston, MA@ O’briens pub W/ SEA OF BONES, IN THE SHIT
29th-Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus BarW/SEA OF BONES, The Communion, Amputee, Scowl
30th-Columbus, OH@ The Summit
31st-Peoria, IL @ The Brass Rail

1st-Kansas City, MO @ Asshole Castle

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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Thank you to everyone that came out for our US ERADICATION TOUR 2011. It was the best tour we have ever had and we are extremely grateful for everyone's participation. We are going to spend the rest of 2011 writing songs and planning the next one. Thanks again. Stay dissonant.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

A lot of people have been asking for the lyrics to the Visceral EP and the split with NESSERIA. So here. A real update is coming next week.

"Visceral" Lyrics

Lower than life, high as the Sky

in front of my eyes
a slow motion world on fire
crushed and buried
my arms are cut with glass
and rage
my life-fucked
what amount of drugs
will clean the hole in my heart?
fill the hole in my heart?
traveling through a sea of rot
swimming with me
high as the sky and lower than life
god? god?
not in this life


your waste smells better than your compromised morals and beliefs
your spies don't even warrant a response from me
I should not have put my blackwhitedick inside of your hipster SS dead fucking body
I have built a home for death in my head
total fucking war
i'm at a loss
never a way out
no life
no hope
no light

Special Education

I can't fake my life
all of the fucking time
I wear a hide of lies
to protect me from you
but now you're in my sights
endless fire
suffocated by your light
enslaved by golden handcuffs
but not today
not today

Bi Racial

swollen heart-full of dirt
swollen brain-full of hurt
broken dreams-I can't get back
human connection-a skill I lack
the alien experience of growing up
never knowing on which side I belong
fuck it, never belong


an ever flowing river of blood
drains from the hole in my stomach
socially disemboweled
when the panic sets
I am suffocated by the modern world
when the shades are drawn
I aim my gun at the modern world
fucking the mouth of my pathetic self abuse
ruined by life as a ritual
crawling inside of my mind
out of the hands of life
kill as a savage
eat the enemy while they sleep
burn the cloth
don't believe in anything
don't believe in anything

Nesseria/CTTTOAFF split.


you dream in the brightest colors the brightest shades of red pour from my mouth all over your chest staining your transparent flesh
covering the dull colors of shit inside it bleeds in my stomach an old hate nourishing my roots that are planted in this shit hole of an
earth my distaste for you is impenetrable as my soul is opaque.

Wrinkled Claws

You hold arrows of poison in your wrinkled claws you call them compassion lovingly you tie the blindfold over the eyes of individuality everyone’s pain is in order beneath the stench of wind that blows from your shitty wings your voice is not the call of the crow nor the song of the sparrow beyond carrion an eternal death rattle in the most perfect pitch turning the womb into mush releasing the still birth of your 62 years I have survived in this ruin 730 dying days I have sharpened bones into weapons to gut your existence from this earth your meat rotten inside not even good enough to burn buried beneath eons I taste your blood now I am free.

Lower than Life, High as the Sky

in front of my eyes a slow motion world on fire crushed and buried my arms are cut with glass and rage my life-fucked what amount of drugs will clean the hole in my heart? fill the hole in my heart? traveling through a sea of rot swimming with me high as the sky and lower than life god? god? not in this life FUCK.



Wednesday, June 29, 2011


WE WILL HAVE COPIES OF OUR NEW EP "VISCERAL" FOR THIS TOUR. ONLY 500 PRESSED. ONLY ANALOG IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOTAL DEATH TO EVERYONE.

14th-Denver,CO @ Blastomat

15th-Cheyenne, WY@ Ernie November W/Reproacher

17th-Boise, ID @ House of the Rising Sun W/Reproacher

18th-Richland, WA @ Ray's Golden Lion W/Reproacher

19th-Seattle, WA @ The Black Lodge W/Transient, Reproacher, Scourge Schematic, Numb

20th-Portland, OR @ The Alleyway W/Burials, Basement Animal, Transient

21st-Redding, CA @ Tremont Cafe w/ Transient

22nd-Oakland, CA @Hazmat W/ Transient, The Burial tide, Man Among Wolves, Feast, Boar Hunter

23rd-Los Angeles, CA @ 3861 Dwiggins St. W/Transient

24th-Los Angeles, CA @ The BLVD W/Transient

25th-Flagstaff, AZ @ Big House W/Transient

26th-Elpaso, TX @ house show. Communion of thieves are helping. ask them.

27th-Austin, TX @ Red 7 W/Boars, Transient

28th-San Antonio, TX @ The Korova W/Transient

29th-Lafayette, LA @ Caffe' Cottage W/Transient

30th-Savannah, GA @ Sweet Melissa's 103 W. Congress St.W/ Transient

31st-Nashville, TN @ 1318 little hamilton W/Transient


1st- Greensboro, NC @ Legit Biz W/Transient

2nd-Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter W/Transient

3rd-Columbus,OH @ Carabar

4th-Chicago, IL @Albion House

5th-St Louis, MO @ Fubar

Thursday, June 23, 2011