Monday, June 11, 2012

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2012 west cost tour.

Hi! We're coming out to the west coast. Come on out and rage west coastians. 6/21 Las Vegas,NV @ The Bunkhouse W/ RETOX 6/22 Los Angeles, CA @ SalvadoreƱo Bar 6/23 San Jose, CA @ Johnny Z’s Bar W/ Buried at Birth 6/24Oakland,CA @ Eli’s Mile High W/ Caulfield, Gravehill, D.I.S. 6/25 San Francisco, CA @ Sub-Mission W/ Caulfield 6/26 Sacramento,CA @ Oak Park Boiz House W/ Caulfield, Plague Widow 6/27 Portland,OR @ Laughing Horse Books W/ Elitist, Burials, Black hole of Calcutta, The Drip 6/28 Seattle, WA @ The Comet W/ Transient, The Drip, 6/29 Richland, WA @ Ray’s golden Lion W/ The Drip 6/30 Yakima, WA @ Bill’s place W/ The Drip 6/1 Boise,ID @ The Shredder W/ Coffin dust, Blood Freak

Friday, February 17, 2012

7 years of Disillusion tour March 2012

We are going on tour. We are very excited. Come and get fucking crazy.



13th-El Paso, TX @ La Casa Sam W/ Communion of Thieves
14th-San Antonio, TX@ 1011 W/ Colonia
15th-Austin, TX@ 1808 annex
16th-Arlington, TX @ THE RANCH bar & grill
17th-Dallas, TX @ Queen City Hall W/ Kill the Client, Baring Teeth, Akkolyte, Tyranosorceress

(5 days of working man’s sadness)

23rd-Omaha,NE @ West Wing
24th-Dekalb, IL @ 7th St. Space W/ SICK/TIRED
25th-Jackson, MI @ Bird Alley W/ Sender Receiver, Bruxism, Scum, Isenblast, Discerned
26th-NYC@ Lit Lounge w/SEA OF BONES, The Year is One, Radiation Black Body, Head Snatcher
27th-Queens, NY@ 90-10 Merrick blvd W/ SEA OF BONES
28th-Boston, MA@ O’briens pub W/ SEA OF BONES, IN THE SHIT
29th-Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus BarW/SEA OF BONES, The Communion, Amputee, Scowl
30th-Columbus, OH@ The Summit
31st-Peoria, IL @ The Brass Rail

1st-Kansas City, MO @ Asshole Castle

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