Monday, November 22, 2010

BFA tour/rest of 2010/Denver show Dec. 7th W/ Diocletian, Blasphemophager, Speed Wolf, No Thought @ Blastomat

Howdy Partners,
Denver: We have a show at the Blastomat on Dec. 7th!!!!!!

The touring bands are fucking amazing! Not an experience you want to miss, who knows when they'll be back in the states??????

Thank you to everyone who helped us with shows/came out during this last October/November tour. We had the opportunity to play with some great bands and meet some good people. There are a couple of videos below. If you took any pictures or footage, please forward them to:

Also, if you are looking for our merch store, facebook, myspace, lastfm, i like, or twitter, you can find all of them here:

The rest of 2010 looks bleak for us all on a personal level. We will spend the rest of 2010/early 2011 writing songs that reflect this attitude, as well as trying to get out to play some shows regionally over the weekends (NM,CA,WY,NE,NV,TX,AZ, i'm talking to you). Stay tuned, tell your friends, thank you for your support.


BFA tour 2010 footage:

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